Fru-tin-fluid 330ml


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Liquid supplementary feed for ornamental birds and carrier pigeons

Fru-tin-fluid®, formerly also known as “Frutin”, permanently binds powdered feedstuffs to the grain, germ, soft or reared feed by curing.

Fru-tin-fluid® contains various sugars of biological origin. Many beneficial microorganisms (e.g. lactic acid bacteria, also known as lactobacilli) need sugary substances of various kinds to maintain their metabolism. Lactic acid bacteria can multiply much better under favourable nutritional conditions in the small intestine. In trials, it was shown that lactic acid bacteria can multiply 100 to 1000 times more in the small intestine when combined with Fru-tin-fluid® and the re-scha® product Tarsin. The chicory powder contained in Fru-tin-fluid® with the valuable inulin ingredient is also worth highlighting here. A small note: to metabolise inulin, the body depends, among other things, on the presence of lactic acid bacteria.

Fru-tin-fluid® has a high carbohydrate content. This provides additional energy for breeding, travel and moulting.

Fru-tin-fluid® contains a mixture of tropical and domestic fruits (pineapple, apricot, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, currant, papaya and peach). With their diverse range of vital substances, these fruit substances provide a more varied diet.

Fru-tin-fluid® supplements the mineral supply by adding calcium gluconate, which is easily absorbed by the body.

Fru-tin-fluid® reduces nutrient losses which inevitably occur when feed particles with oil are mixed with the feed and remain in the bowl for a long time through its high binding capacity (“adhesive effect”). Thanks to Fru-tin-fluid® the mixing process can be made more flexible. It does not need to be mixed before each feeding. This way, you can mix several days’ worth of feed without worrying that added particles will fall off the feed. Furthermore, a trend has emerged whereby many bird and racing pigeon keepers are making use of the “adhesive effect” of Fru-tin-fluid® in administering medication via the feed.


Fru-tin-fluid® can of course be used throughout the year and also over longer periods of time.

Fru-tin-fluid® is the ideal binding agent for re-schas lactic acid bacteria (see Ac-i-prim®). When bound to the grain feed with Fru-tin-fluid®, lactic acid bacteria remain viable for at least 5 days, even at room temperature.

You can mix the feed with Fru-tin-fluid® as follows: First weigh out the amount of feed needed for one day or even for several days. Then add the appropriate amount of Fru-tin-fluid® and stir the feed until most of the feed particles are wet with Fru-tin-fluid®. Now add the powdered supplementary feed (e.g. Tarsin, Frucht-mash, Immun-o-flash®, Poly-min) you would like to bind. A second mixing container is very useful for the mixing process. By flipping the mixed feed back and forth several times, an optimum distribution of all added materials can be achieved. The mixture thus prepared can be fed directly while fresh or left to dry at room temperature for a day.

The following must be observed if re-schas® lactic acid bacteria (see Ac-i-prim®) are to be bound to the feed: First, mix Fru-tin-fluid® well with the lactic acid bacteria in a cup in order to achieve an even distribution on the feed later on. If the “slurry” now produced in is too viscous to stir, it can be brought to a slightly more liquid consistency by adding a few drops of water (re-schas® Panta-20 is also possible). The resulting slurry is stirred into the feed and in the second step the powdered supplementary feed (e.g. Tarsin, Frucht-mash, Immun-o-flash®, Poly-min) is added while stirring.


  • Grain or germ feed: approx. 8-20 ml Fru-tin-fluid®/kg feed.
  • Soft or rearing feed: approx. 20 ml Fru-tin-fluid®/kg feed.
  • If the mixture is too dry, the amount of Fru-tin-fluid® can of course be increased.

One tablespoon corresponds to approx. 8-10 ml Fru-tin-fluid®.

Important additional information:

Fru-tin-fluid® is manufactured to be sterile and therefore you should always simply tip the liquid out of the bottle – please do not draw liquid out of the bottle with a syringe. If the neck of the bottle gets a bit sticky, you can clean it with a damp paper towel. After opening, the bottle must be stored in the refrigerator and the contents must be used within a maximum of 6 months.

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