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Information and Directions for Use


Supplement for cage birds, carrier pigeons, terrarium animals, small rodents, and pet rabbits


The special composition of Immun-o-flash® can have a positive effect on the metabolism, boosting the immune system.

Immunity isn’t always obvious. Yet the immune system is extremely important for the body. It protects the body from the effects of the living environment. It detects threats from harmful micro-organisms and viruses. It’s very important to do everything possible to support a healthy immune system.

The immune system of course cannot always be at its best. It requires a building phase and dormancy. In the long run, permanent irritations “dull” the immune system, causing it to get out of control or not function fully. The outcome would be: greater susceptibility to infection from viral infections.

When it comes to pets, the following strains of viruses are particularly prevalent:

APV (Avian Polyoma Virus): particularly in birds it causes a very high nestling mortality rate. This virus, once primarily seen in small parakeets, is now also spreading among canaries and woodland birds. So far I have not heard of it also affecting the pigeon population. However, the risk does exist.

PBFD virus (circovirus): is known for psittacine beak and feather disease. Young animals lose part of their tail and flight feathers at a nestling age. Some later grow back and are later lost again causing a vicious cycle. In carrier pigeons, “circoviruses” are associated with the so-called “young pigeon disease”.

PDD virus (bornavirus): Is blamed for the typically fatal proventricular dilatation disease in parrots and parakeets. This virus is particularly difficult to medicate, typically without any hope for success.

Immun-o-flash® was initially intended te be a specific solution for a problem I’ve been facing for over two decades. For example, I used to have terrible experiences with my birds having the polyomavirus. At one time – many years ago – enough was enough, as even the various suggestions (including a long rest between breeding) didn’t help. The breakthrough came from combining immune system boosting elements from natural foods. It wasn’t immunoglobulin from the dairy cows, or the fractions of the various types of oregano. The experiences of a number of users in the bird and pigeon community caught my attention in recent years. The originally intended specific use of Immun-o-flash evolved into many other interesting uses.


Immun-o-flash® is a supplement, not a medicine. It can only support the metabolism. For problem stock, the biological medicinal product PT-12 (active ingredient: lactobacillus salivarius) should therefore be used simultaneously for a minimum of 10 days. Immun-o-flash® can be given over long periods. The objectives of using Immun-o-flash® and which functional areas you wish to cover are crucial in determining the period for which it is given.

Use in target species

Cage birds

  • Parents or breeding animals: Add Immun-o-flash® to grain, soft or seed food for a period of approx. 3 weeks. After a three-week break, use Immun-o-flash® for another 7-14 days. To help prevent irritations with the APV virus, start the supplement at least three weeks before eggs are laid. It’s important to continue using it throughout the laying phase. This type of use is safe to repeat several times a year.
  • Young animals: for newly hatched young animals from the first clutch, Immun-o-flash® should typically be added to the parent feed for at least 10 days. Administering it to young animals from the second and third hatch can be helpful with the relevant virus irritations. Pay close attention if PBFD virus (feather disease) occurs. To prevent losing tail and flight feathers, supplement with Immun-o-flash® throughout breeding. Meaning: parents receive Immun-o-flash® as soon as the chicks are born until the young animals are fledging (throughout the nestling or nesting box phase).

We have seen great results from simultaneously giving equal amounts of re-scha “Frucht-mash” and “Tarsin”.

Carrier pigeons

  • Boosting the parents’ immune systems can have a positive effect on their young. Immun-o-flash® should therefore primarily first be given to parents. Immun-o-flash® has shown great results when used prior to mating. Immun-o-flash® is given for approx. 2-3 weeks prior to breeding. It’s optimal to administer during egg-laying. This is safe to give several times over the year, even for shorter periods.
  • Young animals: Newly hatched young animals are given Immun-o-flash® for a 7-14 day period through the parent food. During this phase you shouldn’t forget to also give PT-12. Weaned young pigeons are given Immun-o-flash® in irregular intervals (6-8 weeks) for a period of 7-14 days. If irritated with the so-called “young pigeon disease”, young pigeons are already given Immun-o-flash® for a minimum of 14 days at least 8 weeks before beginning first flights. It’s quite helpful to also give PT-12 at the same time.
  • Homing pigeons (adult or young pigeons): Give Immun-o-flash® for a period of 2-3 weeks approx. 4-6 weeks before their flight. Supplementing with Immun-o-flash® should firstly be completed approx. 1 week before beginning preflights. Immun-o-flash® can provide a “boost” over the flight. So it’s useful to go back to Immun-o-flash® when homing pigeons have completed an extremely difficult flight or are physically “exhausted”. It’s safe to give three to four times during the flying season for a period of 2-3 days (early to mid-week).

Terrarium animals, small rodents, and pet rabbits

A healthy immune system can respond to irritants in the living environment far more effectively. The immune system is strained due to transport stress, switching feed, or even physical stress, which will often be seen in breeding, but also in skin and scale formation, and when changing their coat. With terrarium animals, small rodents, and pet rabbits, Immun-o-flash® is initially added to the food. After stopping for approx. three weeks, Immun-o-flash® is again given for a period of approx. one week. This option can be repeated several times a year: the greater the interval between uses, the longer it’s given.

Dosing and administration

The recommended dose is approx. 8-10g per kg of grain feed. When added to seed or rearing feed (birds!), increase the dose. When added to seed or rearing feed, select a dose which still ensures general feed intake.

So far there are no known adverse effects from overdose (including over extended periods) on the animal’s health.

1 level scoop contains 3g Immun-o-flash®. Meaning: The recommended dose is 3 scoop/kg grain feed.

Immun-o-flash® bonds to the feed best when adding re-scha “Frutin”. However, for single applications per bird, Immun-o-flash® can simply be sprinkled in with the feed or mixed in dry. For detailed mixing instructions, please also refer to the “Frutin Information and Directions for Use”.

You can also contact the free re-scha support for complex matters. We’ll gladly assist you. Simply phone or e-mail us.