Poly-min 250g


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Mineral food for caged birds

Poly-min contains minerals proved to be important for daily metabolic processes of pet birds. Poly-min has a high quantity of fine and accurately milled shells of fossil oysters. In contrast to milled limestone shells of oysters have a retarded release of calcium. This effect gives the advantage that the birds gets a constant supply of calcium. Tests have shown that shells of fossil oysters as calcium sources have a positive effect on animal health, wellness and power because of the retarded release of calcium.

Poly-min contains lime of algae as an additionel source. The lime of algae has a high quantity of biologically disposable trace elements.

Calcium gluconate is added to Poly-min as an additional high-grade calcium source.

A speciality of Poly-min is the addition of betain. Betain is a natural product of the sugar beet providing methyl groups and acting as an energy booster. In the intestine betain has an osmoregulatory and stabilizing function. Betain is also known for its support in coccidia prophylaxis.

Poly-min has proved its activity in preventing rachitis disorders and egg shell deformities.

Poly-min can be applied constantly at free disposal or together with the food.

Advice: Because of its high concentration of vitamins A, D3 and trace elements Poly-min as mineral food should not exceed 10 % of  the daily ration of food.

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