How re-scha was developed

In the year 1996 the idea to develop biological pharmaceuticals was already in mind. At this point I made the experience with my pet birds and pigeons that all nutrition supplements have no impact when overall health is not in balance. To give antibiotics could not be the one and only choice. Therefore the application of microorganisms with its healing potential would possibly solve the problem.

Laktobacteria as a starting point
First I thought of taking yeast, enterococcobacilli and lactobacteria into account. Yeast were excluded from the list because of the alcoholic fermentation. Enterococcobacilli are known to be naturally in the small intestine of pet birds and pigeons in a high amount. So only lactobacteria seemed to fulfill the profile. So I started studying the effects of lactobacteria in the small intestine with their inhibitory impact on germs by occupying the receptors following the ideas of Prof. Dr. Dr. Helga Gerlach.

The task: isolation of a perfect strain
It soon became obvious that all human strains (e.g. lactobacteria from yoghurt, cheese or sausage production) were not effective. These strains passed the small intestine of pet birds and pigeons without any lasting impact. Therefore a suitable strain has to be isolated from nature, the small intestine of birds and pigeons, satisfying my requirements (maximum adaptivity to intestinal receptors of different bird and pigeon species and maximum replacement activity concerning adverse bacterial species).

The result: lactobacillus salivarius
The result of my years of research is my „lacobacillus salivarius“ (registered, protected) which is the basis of my pharmaceutical product, PT-12, as active substance. The increasing interest, demand and contentment of my customers and users prove that I back the right „bacterium“.

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Ulrich Schäfer

studied agricultural science at the university of Bonn with the focus on animal nutrition, animal breeding and husbandry.
Based on his family background (breeding of carrier pigeons by his father) and his own passion for pet birds Ulrich Schäfer always put maximum emphasis on the on the transfer of scientific knowledge in the field of animal nutrition to the feeding of pet animals (pet birds and pigeons).
Ulrich Schäfer never just followed the trends of competitors but went his own way of creativity by the development of new products. Being an engineer of agricultural science he first developed nutrition products for other companies before realising that the conception, production and merchandising of self-designed products not bothering about trends offers maximum satisfaction.