re-schas® new product with probiotic lactobacilli in the usually quality:

Ac-i-prim with Lactobacillus acidophilus is the successor to the legendary PT-12 and is available by re-schas® from now on.

Ac-i-prim embodies everything which set the precursor product apart impressively.

Welcome to the re-scha world of animals!

The re-scha nutrition catalogue contains useful products making no compromises in their conception. The quality of the products starts with the choice of the appropriate raw materials and active substances. In decades of experience and know-how the jigsaw puzzle of raw materials and active substances was arranged and re-arranged in order to build a unity in the end-product. Additionally we put maximum effort in the consideration that the different product could complement each other in their effectiveness and activity. Besides the production of nutrional supplements re-scha is specialized in the production and distribution of biological active pharmaceuticals. The strict observance of legal requirements (e.g. production following the GMP guide-lines, GMP = „good manufacturing practice“) forced re-scha to produce their own catalogue of biological pharmaceuticals with highly effective lactobacteria as active substance. On this website you will be informed in detail about the philosophy of our work and the re-scha catalogue of products. For further questions not being answered by our website you can contact me personally.



Dipl-Ing. agr. Ulrich Schäfer
Chief executive and Production manager

Our customers about re-scha:

Kanary raiser
Manfred Jezek:

„All hatched canaries in the best of health. Finally, a success after five years!“

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Pricewright and parakeet breeder
Markus Glatz (from Austria):

„Perfectly healthy budgies – Polyoma virus attacks are a thing of the past“
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Tino Bergemann:

My pigeons can make it to Moscow and back again with re-scha products.

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More Information:

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  • Immun-o-flash für racing pigeons
  • Immun-o-flash für terrarium animals