The re-scha® range includes exclusively sensible, innovative nutritional products that are based on an uncompromising concept. Right from the moment when raw materials and active ingredients are selected, Re-scha® pays attention to peak quality. The ingredients are combined in the most effective manner according to experience. This results in these outstanding products that offer unique characteristics in all known functional areas. Re-scha® is not oriented towards the market the way others are (“what sells well”). As a result, there are good reasons why iron and iodine preparations, disinfectants for drinking water (based on chlorine or organic acids), oregano and Usnea barbata products are not included in re-schas® product range.

One milestone to support vitality is Ac-i-prim® which includes important, probiotic lactic acid bacteria (or lactobacilli). The lactic acid bacterial strain contained in Ac-i-prim® is lactobacillus acidophilus. The European Authority has classified this lactobacillus acidophilus in the category “zootechnical additives” and in the functional group “intestinal stabilisers” on the basis of extensive scientific studies for approval. For the sale of this lactobacillus acidophilus in the Ac-i-prim® product, re-scha® has exclusive rights for the following target species: all ornamental birds, flying pigeons, quails and pheasants. Ac-i-prim® incorporates the only live strain of lactic acid bacteria that is approved in the EU from lactobacillus acidophilus for the above target species. Ac-i-prim® is intended as a nutritional supplement feed for all ornamental birds, flying pigeons, quails and pheasants.

In dealing with living and probiotically active lactobacilli, re-scha® can now look back on almost 20 years of experience. This means that in creating Ac-i-prim®, re-scha® has produced a product that meets the highest requirements.

You can find more fascinating details about Ac-i-prim® in the Ac-i-prim® product information.

Note: Ac-i-prim® is not available for sale in Italy and the United Kingdom (UK) due to a clause in the contract with the culture manufacturer.


Dipl-Ing. agr. Ulrich Schäfer
Chief executive and Production manager

re-scha’s exclusive distributor for Poland:



Joanna Grelka
ul. Nadbobrzańska 9
66-615 Gola
Tel.: +48 502 55 80 50

Our customers about re-scha:

Kanary raiser
Manfred Jezek:

„All hatched canaries in the best of health. Finally, a success after five years!“

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Pricewright and parakeet breeder
Markus Glatz (from Austria):

„Perfectly healthy budgies – Polyoma virus attacks are a thing of the past“
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Tino Bergemann:

My pigeons can make it to Moscow and back again with re-scha products.

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