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Nutrition supplement for pet birds and carrier pigeons

Frucht-mash is a world-wide unique innovative product designed to increase the vitality and performance of pet birds and carrier pigeons. Frucht-mash is one of the nutrition supplements with the highest quality which is produced for animals world-wide. Frucht-mash contains high-grade fruits – raw products fulfilling highest food standard. The fruit powders obtained from seabuckthorn berries, rosehip, elderberry and lots of other silvan and tropical fruits contain substances increasing  vitality, reproduction and growth.

Frucht-mash enhances the nutrition spectrum offering well-selected natural fruits of domestic, southern or tropical origen. The specific biological nutients (e.g. vitamins, bio-flavonoids, minerals and many more) of the fruits can be regarded as a balance to the often uinilateral nutrition. Frucht-mash enhances the protein and energy potential offering xylose yeast and a special nucleotide-containing yeast.

In nature pet birds find a lot of different fruits. These fruits are known to be extraordinary important for immune response, brilliance and colour of plumage, especially in autumn. Because of their nutritive value fruits build a reservoir for the nutrition-poor winter months. For the birds Frucht-mash offers a diversity of fruits for the whole year which otherwise can be found only in certain seasons.


Frucht-mash has no restrictions with regard to dose, amount or time. It can be added to the food over the whole year.

Please note: Frucht-mash is especially important in periods of stress, e.g. in periods of proliferation (preparation for breeding, breeding and moult).

Dosage: Dosage information is given as reference. Dosage can be individually adapted to bird species and condition of the individual pet bird.

Grain, smooth and seed food: approx. 2-4 dosage spoons/kg food Breeding food: approx. 8-10 dosage spoons/kg food For single birds a small amount (a soupçon depending on the size of the bird) can be bound to grain food in combination with Frutin or can be applied with seed food or fruits. For Frucht-mash the ideal supplement is Sintra.


Seabuckthorn berry is known as the „lemon of the north“. It offers 10 times more vitamin C than the lemon. Besides there are lots of other vitamins (vitamins of the B group, tocoferol, carotenoids), plant sterols and important fatty acids (e.g. Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7 and Omega-9 fatty acids). Additionally the seabuckthorn berry contains the biologically active compound lycobin which is known to strengthen the immune system.

Rosehips belong to the fruits with the highest amount of vitamins.The vitamin C should be pointed out, but there are beta-carotin, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin P (rutin), too. Rosehip contains an above-avarage amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. One of the most prominent ingredients of rosehip are the flavonoids, especially citrin and rutin. The different sugars in the rosehip are an ideal nutrition pool for lactobacteria, which are presented and supplemented by re-scha pharmaceuticals (re-scha lactobacteria products).

In human medicine elderberry is a strong weapon against chill and fluish infects. Very obvious is its high amount of minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids. Of high importance is the dark dye of the elderberry, known as sambucyanin. Sambucyanin is a free radical scavenger.

Silvan fruits like blueberry and blackberry contain high doses of bio-flavonoids having large amounts of folic acid and minerals (e.g. magnesium and iron for hematopoiesis). The dyes of the blueberry (anthocyanes) inhibit the enzyme lipoxygenase, known to be actively involved in inflammation processes.

Tropical fruits like pineapple and apricot are well-known for its high concentrations of vital substances, too. Enzymes of the pineapple relax the musculature and loosen muscular cramps. They even have a positive effect on the digestion of protein and fat. Xylose yeast (yeast cells are biologically inactivated), a little-known protein component, is a product of the strain Kluyveromyces fragilis.

Xylose yeast has a high biological value concerning amount and versatility of important amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Special yeast has a relatively high concentration of nucleotides. These small molecules are necessary for cell division, tissue growth and development of the immune system. They are essential for energy and protein metabolism. Nucleotides are especially required in phases of intensive cell division (e.g. breeding period or journey period of carrier pigeons). The intake of nucleotides with the food increases the energetic efficiency. The capacity of the organism is enhanced.

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